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PRO teams

It is such a great feeling when you can get together with other PRO teams and have a productive both ways practice/competition session for 4 days in the raw.

There is nothing better then honest drills and games with clear feedbacks when you can check the reality and not making false conclusions!

Especially at a very special field that hosted us once and gave us a huge booster to the future. With a great owner Tom Shaffer who is extremely positive and supportive.

Can’t be more thankful to fresh new and hungry franchises of #LVL and #AustinNOTORIOUS for looks and great battles. Let’s have some good moments at the upcoming event✊🏻

Ryan Gray happy to see you back on top with another young and coming kids to grind. Much respect‼️

D3FY Sports DYE Paintball your equipment and gear was working both great in special Texas weather both under the sun and sudden cold conditions. With your support we are capable of rebuild and prospective looks.


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