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Personal Coach/Manager

The Personal Trainer service has become available for you!

What is it?

You have so many questions about our sport. How to train? How to win?

How to proceed? Which way to choose?

What equipment to get?

How to play at any field layout?How to prepare before an event?

How to make a team and manage it?

A personal trainer is the most effective way to master Paintball skills and get correct knowledge!

Our players and coaches are perfect specialists in their areas with 10 to 20 years of exclusive experience at the highest level  of Paintball.

By choosing the specialist you  get your personal friend/mentor/coach who will carefully and effectively walk you through the best paintball experience.

Together you will win!

What you get exactly:

– 48 (online) personal training at a convenient time for you.
– 6 months of an individual approach + the ability to change a specialist at any time.
– Unlimited number of questions in this area.
– Personal evaluation of current skills
– An individual training plan to achieve the main goals.
– Exclusive field breakdowns and personal hints from RL players Your fast game growth isguaranteed!


-25% RED LINE gear
-10% on exclusive DYE/RL equipment