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Personal association with the RED LEGION CLUB and TEAM!

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RL has always been a very         specific organization since the very beginning in 1995.

At first they thought that all of our players were from the KGB, then they knew that   we use    radio to coordinate game          tactics, we got  blamed       as   robots, after everybody thought that we   came to conquer   Europe and USA like Ivan           Draco… now they cheer for us!

Behind is the unique 5 days a week training process,                exclusive standards, 4                 generations of   RL original       players all around   the World and magnificent moments in   the world of sport paintball.

But still we are the secret.  Do you want to know us better,     support the squad and get      some discounts?  Just join in    and follow our exclusive              materials.

You get immediately!!!!               

 5% discount on all products      and services of the RL club.

(Red line) on our website.           A special telegram channel    with unlimited communication.  The card gives the right to   the priority purchase of the    Limited goods of the club.         RL team respect 

The card is the property of the club and is intended for              in-club use.  and a personal       plastic card

Your surname will be written    on our plastic card