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March News

Another day in the process, with us checking out a new practice location that offers incredibly clean facilities and reball, plus the release of our new Blackout Jersey yesterday has been eventful for sure.

It is looking like the Blackout Jersey will be a hit amongst players, fans and teams.

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This upcoming week we will be sending the first sets out to Germany to our RL European Divisional Team along with some of our players for a Masterclass.

Alexander Berdnikov and Jason Burns will hand deliver the Jerseys as well as pass more Knowledge on to the younger players in our sport. Travel may start to pick up in with what looks like a possible visit to Singapore as well as Croatia. Also remember every Wednesday we have Open Individual Classes in Florida at Tiki’s Paintball Park.

Get high pace,deep knowledge and experience all while sharpening your edges to better your game. Catch all the news here and on all of our Social Media platforms. Thank you all again for your continuous support, from fans, players and especially our sponsors.