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As each year goes by and our sport becomes larger, more unique and innovated we see more and more products come out. But more importantly we see new Leagues, or old Leagues become bigger.

«Leagues produce players, movements and a clear vision of our future. Finding players to nurture and grow to their top level is absolutely paramount. Catching them and bringing them into a high program with structure and years of experience is the goal of not only our club but others like us» said Coach Alexey Soloviev

This weekend the AKM league will be holding another event. With a large indoor field with ventilation and heating it is the best place to play all year around here in our local Moscow area.

«Being picked up by other teams as a leagioner is great as I am able to provide my knowledge as well as locate players that will fit with our club. Plus it gives me more time on the field. This only happens However when RL isn’t participating in the league as a full or is assisting in other ways besides playing» absolutely perfectly said Alexander Maloy Berdnikov killer of killers.

«Supporting the leagues in your area is a very important part of your tole as a player, a customer or a fan for without them our sport Doesn’t grow. Cleaning up after yourself, assisting others, creating memorable times with the people that share the love in our sport is paramount» said Jason Burns our Center attack/defense Player

As spring is now approaching quickly, the snow melts and the grass sprouts we will see the RXL kick off. The RXL is where we as a club assist as well as grow our younger players. With all the best commodities and live stream it is a great league.

Stay tuned for Mondays news with some qoutes from players and the Champs of the AKM league this weekend!