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    2021-08-01 16:13:51

    i'd like to thank you guys for the lesson for this entire time. Yesterday i went to the field after 6 months, man i'm playing like never before. I did all the things learn at online classes. The other guys didn't belive how i made some

  • ZUL ALI - Brunei

    2021-08-01 16:12:30

    Love the RED WAVE SCHOOL program, because it’s online and very well structured. I don’t have to travel anywhere to get the best lessons!


    2021-08-01 16:11:51

    After I joined the RED WAVE program, I have noticed that all my friends from the local field started to tell me that I do progress.


    2021-08-01 16:11:20

    With the RED WAVE program I do even more then I usually do at the field. I can do it during the week, without wasting time, plus everything goes under the best guidance from the top players online face to face in person!

  • ASYRAAF FOO - Brunei

    2021-08-01 16:10:49

    I am an old school player and I know how many things can distract you in the game! RED WAVE teachers make sure to teach you how not to focus at those elements and focus at the game. They really share their unique experience face to face and it’s not a bullshit.

  • Rangers

    2021-07-30 10:15:14

    Thank you for your advice on the last layout. We managed to get 3rd place, and this is the best place among Polish teams at this PXL tournament. Anyways, maybe you've already seen it, because we mentioned RL yesterday on our FB in this context. Next time we are going to win the PXL tournament 😊

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