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“Red Legion is a unique team created and founded by business man. A bank owner and business tycoon that wanted a project that would provide longevity and challenges. Thus creating Red Legion. Quickly his new founded team would rise to the top of the Russian paintball community. Meeting this goal quickly both the owner and the team looked for more competition and set goals to join and play in Europe.

The Russian players struggled against the European players in 1998. However with amazing coaching and countless hours more in practice, RL overcame it’s opponents. Thus setting new goals in motion.

In the beginning of the year 2000 Red Legion had contracted some more young talent out of Moscow and set fourth on their new goals. As the paintball community grew so did the competition. But the competition grew much faster in the United States. And this was the place to show your true grit.

In 2001 Red Legion played its first World Cup based in USA. Then started a 5 day training week and many other items to move forwards to the goal to win in USA. In 2004 was the first win in a major USA event and only created further goals to meet. And those followed almost immediately. In 2006, 2009 and 2010 RL won world cups.

Red Legion has created or influenced more professional athletes in our sport than any other team or club. Most of which are still playing in the club or for other clubs world wide.

As the Red Legion Club continues to grow players on the field we continue to grow the sport as well. On the field as well as off the field is very important to the Red Legion Club. It is shown by the introduction of new ideas, new programs, coaching, team building, schools and modern technology.

At this moment we present you the RED NFT”

RED LEGION NFT – Collection | OpenSea

RED LEGION NFT – Collection | OpenSea