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Team Captain, Kirill Prihidni had this to say 🗣: “RL is more than just a PRO team. We are the organization with history, traditions, training program and mission behind the star! We develop the sport. The only way to do it is through the players. We believe that only unit/squad can seriously change people and get the best out of them. Good example of our philosophy is the movie “MIRACLE”. Check it out and let’s develop the sport together!”.

Haris Hussain had this to say 🗣: “I am very honored to play for a historical franchise that has been my dream team since I was 10 years old from when I first picked up a paintball gun, it’s like playing for the New York Yankees if you’re a kid growing up in New York I’m very excited to have a long-term relationship And ready to go and to show the world what I can do”.

How do you see this relationship playing out both on and off the field this season⁉️

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