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April News

Our players continue to travel world wide supporting our wonderful sport. Currently Alexander Berdnikov is in France participating in a French League in Valence. He has traveled to give knowledge and support to the team Scalp. As the French premiere league comes to an end over the weekend Scalp takes second place. Alexander Berdnikov explained it is a great experience to meet another great group of people in the sport.

Alexander will head home to Moscow and meet up with our player and his fellow teammate Jason Burns to head to Germany just days later. They will meet our EU Divisional team as well as many other players for a Masterclass with Markus Schramm on his beautiful field at Uffenheim Paintball, before heading to the USA for the upcoming Texas Event. Stay tuned for photos of new products on our EU Divisional squad as well as some giveaways, news and posts on all our Social media platforms.

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