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April 23 Road Continues

As the road to NXL Lone Star Major continues we have finished our second scrimmage day with Austin Notorious and LVL. The weather heald out and we didn’t get a drop of rain.

Outlaws Paintball owner Tom has done an amazing job with the fields and the feeling of being welcome. It seems we never left since the last time here in 2016. The vibes continue to be great.

Not only had the vibes been great with the field and it’s owner but with the teams as well. LVL had a great turn out and some great points always presenting a fight. Austin Notorious also had the fight with some fast points and great shots it will be great to see both of them at the upcoming NXL event.

Paint had been on point this practice proving it is great in all weather and temperatures. With the tactical black shell Defy came through a hundred percent.

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